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Tax returns and related calculations seem very complex to a regular person and even to small and medium start-ups. Moreover, there are many penalties related to late tax payment and wrong filing which also need to be avoided, and this is made possible through various tax management software. There are different types of tax related rules and regulations which must be understood and often businesses rely on professionals in the field for this purpose. But for a start-up bearing the expense of an in-house tax consultant is not always possible and this is where software come to the rescue. One of the most popular software for tax management is ATX tax. It is the all-round solution to any tax related problems the users have. To make your business grow and prosper in every way, keeping tab on your taxes is crucial too. And this is exactly what ATX will help you with.


Features of ATX Tax

The following are some major features of ATX tax which make it so popular in the present days-

User interface- The software has a very flexible and user-friendly interface which make it very easy to navigate through the different features and functions it has. Experienced as well as novice users can easily use this interface and make sure that their tax related documentation and forms are well managed. There are several icons which are very useful like the Interview, CCH firm, Check return and they are all essential to make your business prosper.

Tax compliance form library- There is an extensive library of local, state and federal tax forms. You can easily go through the details and purpose of each form and determine which the most suitable option is for your purpose. Forms like 1040, 1040NR, 1065 etc. are all included in the library. You can simply look in one place to find all you need and this feature is very handy for the tax preparer.

Interview tool- This is a very innovative feature of the tax software ATX. The tax return form is created in the form of and interview so that any user can easily fill it up and not miss one entry or details. As the tax preparer fill this sheet, the entries are automatically updated in the actual tax return form. Moreover, if an additional form has to be attached, that is also prompted by this feature. Thus, it makes the procedure very simple for newbies who are very new to managing taxes.

Tax organizer- As the name suggests, this feature help the tax payer prepare and accumulate all the relevant information in one worksheet. You can also request clients for additional information that are needed for filing the tax return and this organizer will give you all the information on what you need to complete the worksheet. There are several types of organizer forms like the comprehensive organizer where you can input the maximum data with as much details as needed.


There are several accounts software available and they are proficient in tax management too. However, ATX is still more popular for the following perks that millions of users across the world enjoy about it-

Remote access- The data and the software features can be accessed from anywhere at any time. There are applications of the software which you can install in your smart devices and monitor the tax management on the go. You will also get important notifications when you have the application on your phone instantly which is also useful in certain situations.

Low hardware requirement- The software is not very bulky and does not need very high hardware configuration to function which is another major advantage as it can be installed on many outdated devices which are otherwise considered incompatible with many of the latest software.

Security- The encryption and data security of the software is very high which means all your tax related confidential transactions and data will be secure on the cloud interface. Ace cloud hosting is used by the software to ensure that your data do not get corrupted or lost and hence you will be able to find old data as well without any hindrance.

Customer care- The customer service of the software is always provided round the clock by experts in the field and hence you can rest assured that any technical glitch will be rectified in minutes. You can easily call the ATX Tax Customer Service Helpline Number during any time of the day from any place and they will be promptly solving the issues for you.

ATX tax is a leading name for tax management in the industry and you can rest assured that it will be the best solution for you. The high accuracy and impromptu customer service altogether make it a popular choice which is availed by millions of people across the world.