How do I Install the H&R Block from CD?

The fee of a professional for simply doing your basic tax return is quite high. Therefore, it is a better idea to purchase a tax software if you want to save yourself some money. Now there are quite a few programs with various pricing but they are still going to cost you less than having to hire a professional to do your taxes. Also you will no longer require to carry a bunch of tax documents to the accountant’s office every now and then. Among the best tax software programs that you can purchase in 2020, H&R Block is one of the top contenders. This software is chatty and friendly. It will ask you questions as well as decipher your answers for preparing your tax return. You can even seek unlimited live professional advice regarding taxes from the website. What’s more is that you also get video support for your H&R Block software for installing and uninstalling it on Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS.

Install the H&R Block on Windows PC from CD

In case you purchase the H&R Block tax software from a retail store, or Amazon, then you can install it on your personal computer with the following steps.

  • Firstly, close all the running programs on your personal computer.
  • Then, insert the cd containing the tax software into your CD or DVD drive. The program should start running automatically by now.

In case that doesn’t happen, do the following steps:

To install the H&R Block software from CD on Window OS version 8/8.1/10,

  • Press the Windows button and then the Q key. After that type This PC.
  • Then right-click on the CD drive and click Open on the shortcut menu. For Windows XP users, the option would be to click on Explore.
  • Next, find the Setup.exe and double-click on it. If the software still doesn’t start running by this point, then right-click on the file to select Run as Administrator.
  • From there follow the instructions on-screen to install the software from the store.

To install the H&R Block software from CD on Window OS versionVista/7,

  • Click on the Start button and then click on Computer or My Computer.
  • From then on the steps are quite similar to the ones previously mentioned.

To install the H&R Block software from CD on Mac,

  1. You need to close all running programs first.
  2. Insert the CD into the drive.
  3. If the program doesn’t start running automatically, then double-click the CD icon on the desktop.
  4. From there, simply drag the application to the computer drive icon.
  5. It’s better suggested that you install the program in the Applications folder.

You can also install the H&R Block CD from the mail:

  1. Close all running programs.
  2. Follow the given methods for installing the software on Windows 8/8/1/10/vista/7 and double-click on the Start Here.exe.
  3. Now you can choose the version of the tax software you wish to buy.  Simply go through the purchase process by following the steps on-screen and then find the Unlock Code and confirmation mail.
  4. It is recommended that you print the Unlock Code and keep it with your CD so you can use it in future to purchase the software if you need to re-install it.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can easily install the H&R Block tax software on your personal computer and get your tax returns done easily from the comfort of your home.

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