How to convert QuickBooks for Mac file to windows

Quick book is one of the best accounting software available in market. It is developed by intuit and best used for small scale business accounting. As we know setting up a business requires a lot of hard work and effort. It is best to use a software like quickbook to do the accounting as it can save a lot of time and hard work so that we can get the other work done in that time. Due to large amount of cash flows that happens in business due to constant buying and selling of good it often get difficult to keep track of the money an accountant job is to handle all this matters. But in smaller business where keeping track of our account is much simpler good accounting software like quick book would do. Quick book include the feature of both money transfer and payment, employ payment , remote payroll assistance ,remote access capability, electrical function payment other than this due to the tie-up of intuit with Google we get access to Google map and Google marketing in quick book. It is also easily accessible through from our PC, Mac or phones.

Ways to convert a QuickBooks Mac file to quick book windows

 Some time the user’s needs to convert the Mac file to windows or vies versa this process of interchanging the two file when required is call round tripping. It is normally done because the accountant copy feature is not available in the Mac version and we have to change it to windows to use this feature. Before starting this procedure the things we should keep in mind is that we need our admin password to start this process and also both the quick book version of Mac and windows should be from same year. As it is a little complex process so we should be careful to perform the operation smoothly or the entire data can be lost from the system.

  1. First we have to open the quick book file from our Mac version.
  2. We have to make a copy of the file for our window version by selecting file>utilities>export>to quick book for windows.
  3. We have to save the file with a name and location so that we can find it easily.
  4. Then we will transfer the backed up file in the windows.
  5. Once the file is transfer we will restore it in the windows desktop. To do that
  6. We will select file>Restore company>Restore backup copy
  7. Then click the option next.
  8. Find the location of our backup file and click the option open.
  9. Then we can open the quick book file in our windows system

If  we face any more problem converting our QuickBooks Mac file to windows we can always contact the intuit QuickBooks support team with their toll free number or contact the QuickBook Customer Service Phone Number for help. They offer helps if we face any kind of difficulty while accessing our quick book account.

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