How to Correct Payroll in QuickBooks?

There are number of aspects related to running a business. Finance is a vital part of it too. For small business owners, it can often get hectic and expensive to handle an entire team of in-house staff for all kinds of financial works related to the company. In such situation, a reputable software which have all types of features is definitely the best choice that you have. One such software is the QuickBooks. You can easily manage QuickBooks features if you carefully study about it. One of the major task performed by QuickBooks is the payroll processing and management. However, you have to enter the details manually or import it from any other source. This means, there is a chance of human error and you may have to correct it as needed. But how to do so?

Steps to correct the payroll details in QuickBooks

There steps to correct the payroll details for QuickBooks varies depending on the kind of trouble that you are facing. The following are some of the procedures that you can implement to make corrections in your payroll data:

  • If the data has not been submitted to intuit yet, like you are in the middle of rescheduling the payroll submission or not submitted the paycheck to intuit, then you can simply click on “back” and then make the necessary changes.
  • In case it has already been submitted to intuit, you have to follow the steps shared below to make the corrections:
  • If you need to make the changes before it is the paydate, simply click on the workers or payroll menu.
  • Select the option for employees.
  • Choose the employee name from the paycheck list. If it has not been processed yet, you can easily delete and recreate the paycheck details.
  • Click on the delete button in case you need to remove the details.
  • You will get a confirmation related message where you have to select yes.
  • According to the necessity you can go back to the employee list and recreate a new paycheck with the right entry.
  • If the paydate has crossed, you can simply select the worker or payroll menu from the navigation bar.
  • After this select the paycheck list from the employee tab and select the name of the employee.
  • If the status is processed then you should call the QuickBooks customer care service regarding the changes and it will be done from our end.
  • The rules are slightly different in case you have intuit QuickBooks full service payroll. Make sure all the steps are correctly followed so that the entries are correct and you do not miss out on any of them.

QuickBooks Payroll Customer Care Number is available round the clock and if you need any help, you can easily get in touch with the experts for the solution. There are number of features related to the QuickBooks software and the best way to make the most of them is understand them thoroughly.

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