How to Install Quicken for Windows Products?

There are number of software available today to make your tax calculation and finance management easier and this is major benefit for many freelance and small business owners. If you are looking for ways in which you can always stay on top of your finance, these software are your best solution. Among the top accounting and bookkeeping software available today, quicken is perhaps one of the most popular there is. Quicken is available for windows, mac as well as android devices and is feature-packed to make your accounting procedures more concise. However, you need the premium versions to make the most of all the features and have to select and install the compatible products only. The following are some of the steps which must be followed to install the quicken for windows products such that the software runs smoothly on your device.

  • Go to the quicken website and select the version of the software which is most compatible with your device. Go through the specifications of the products to find this out and then make the choice accordingly. You can also consult the experts of the software and seek their recommendation to choose the most suitable products from quicken.
  • Once you find the relevant product, click on download. Make sure you choose 32 bit or 64 bit version carefully keeping in mind the bit rate of your windows operating system. If you download the wrong version it will not run on your device.
  • Once the download is completed, run the exe file as administrator and follow the installation steps as they come up in the form of dialogue boxes by clicking on “next”.
  • Eventually you will reach the step where you have to select the destination of the software and in case you want to change the default destination selected by your computer, simply click on browse and select the desired location. Once the changes are done, click on next.
  • The installation will take place and once it is completed, you can click on the finish button. You will see the shortcut of the software on the designated location.
  • Click on the software and go to the settings menu. In the respective field, enter the product activation code, if you have subscribed for premium version of the software. The product activation code will be send to your registered number and email id.
  • Once the activation code is entered and the software has been activated, restart the device. After restarting the device, run the software and check whether it is running smoothly.
  • In case there is any glitch with the software, get in touch with the Quicken Customer Care Number which is available round the clock from any part of the world.

Quicken is one of the best finance, accounting and bookkeeping software available today and there are different versions of it. You can easily manage all your business and personal accounting requirement using the software. Installing it on your windows devices can be done smoothly when you understand the procedure clearly.

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