How to Reset QuickBooks User Name and Password

Quick book is well known accounting software first developed by intuit. It is known in the market as good software for small business accounts that can manage a variety of service-related accounting like business payment, payroll of the worker, bill payments and many more. Intuit the developer of this software first got released in the year 1983 by the founders Tom proulx and scot cook in California USA. Since then various updated version of the software is released in the market.

Intuit developed a series of features in quick book which makes the software that much more useful for the user. Some of the features include mapping due to the tie up with the Google map, Google marketing, online banking that include both money transfer and payment, electrical function of payment, email functioning through Microsoft outlook, outlook express, remote payroll assistance, remote access capability etc. Intuit introduced some more features in the 2008 version that is excel spread sheet, time tracking option of additional employee and a help function option for the users. Although this software is considered useful in accounting small scale business account the only problem it possesses is its poor security in the earlier versions.

How to Reset User Name and Password in QuickBooks

We sometime tend to forget the original password or we simply want to change it for security purpose. In the first case the steps to retrieve the forgotten password is lengthier compared to changing the password. If we want to change the password then we simply have to type the current password and can change it directly to a new one. But if we want to retrieve the forgotten password there is some step we must follow.

  • In the latest version of the 2020 software, if we are an admin or user the first thing, we have to do is open our quick book account. After it a page will appear asking password to log in to our quick book desktop.
  • There will be an option of “forgotten password” we have to click in, a dropdown list of emails will appear from which we have to choose our email. In case we couldn’t find our email, we can choose the option of “doesn’t see your email on the list”.
  • A code will be sending in our email to reset the password. We have to enter the code in our quick book page. If the code matches, we can change our password and username.

In the 2019 and all the earlier versions of quick book an information form will appear after selecting the forgotten password option. We have to enter our email, phone number license number and the zip code used while purchasing the software. If all the information entered is verified to be accurate to the previous information’s we can change our user name and password without any difficulty.

In case we face any other difficulty, we can always contact the help option in our account and solve the problem through live chat or can contact directly to the QuickBooks Customer Service Number about any inconvenience we face while operating our account.

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