Steps to change the turbo tax account password

Intuit is one of the oldest company developing financial, accounting and tax preparing of software’s. Thissoftware first got released in the year1983 by Tom Proulx and Scott Cook in California USA. Turbo tax is one of a software developed by intuit, it is a tax preparation package developed by intuit. Generally used as an income tax preparing package it is best for small business companies. Turbo tax is free for that user whose yearly income is less than $66,000 per year. Intuit introduced a number of different turbo tax version over years like Turbo tax Deluxe, Turbo tax premier etc. The software guides the user with an easy step by step demonstration on how to return our tax. Turbo tax software makes it a hassle free procedure for every individuals and companies as making it an easier less time consuming and smooth process for everyone.

Steps to change turbo tax account password

Security is countedas utmost important while dealing with any tax preparing software. If we don’t put up a secure password it is always possible that our personal financial data can fall into wrong hand. To handle this problem we should always keep changing our password to secure our account from any kind of outside threat. It is best to choose a password with long character and complicated so it would be hard to crack by any intruder. The ways we could change the account passwords are.

  • First we have to open our intuit account by selecting the intuit account in the lower left corner of our screen.
  •  Then hit the sign in option to enter in our account.
  • Next we will select the sign in& security option click edit next to password.
  • Then a page will appear asking the old password and the new password we want to set
  • We have type the old password we remember
  • The new password should be at least more than 6 characters. Then we will retype the new password in the confirm password option
  • Finally we have to click the save option to confirm the new password or the old password will remain unchanged.

In case we forget the password the procedure to get a new password is lengthier compared to changing the password. The user has to sign out from the account and have to enter the account recovery option to get a new password. If still we face any more difficulty we can always consult to the Turbotax Helpline Number for help.

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