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Managing your tax and expenses as a business can be very hectic since there are so many tasks related to it and it is not always feasible to do these on your own. However, many small business owners and start-ups still prefer independently managing the tax returns and finance as they do not have the budget for an in-house accountant. In such situation, a good tax management software from a reputable company can be a boon. Keeping these requirements in mind, many companies are coming up with user-friendly tax return and account management software which are really good for start-ups. One such option is pro connect tax. You can do all types of finance tracking and management work using this software and the best part is its interface which is easy to use for almost everybody. It is considered the best professional and all-round tax software and is powered by Intuit.

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Features of proconnect tax

There are several features of proconnect tax which are unique and available round the clock. The proconnect tax software gives the users the following perks-

Tax planner- Now you can plan the financial year ahead of times with the help of the different features of the proconnect tax. Create different tax scenarios for schedule C clients and 1040. You can also compare these tax scenarios to determine which is the most profitable. Multi-year comparison is made possible through the software up to 3 years. You have the option to build multiple case scenarios up to three every years. Apart from that you can also calculate tax liability which are done based on the tax reform changes of 2019. You can also import diagnostics.

Efficient navigation- The interface of the software is highly functional and hence navigation between different features and functions become much easier. Checking or modifying data is much easier on the go because of the efficient navigation system. There is a super search option which helps to find out any data based on key elements such as name, address, and even online number. Split view helps to review the data in a more accurate manner as you can see the data entry fields and tax return forms side by side. The jump to input section helps to move from the data entry sheet or the tax return form to the input page in a single click. You can also make notes anywhere on the page where you are working in the flow and do not have to leave the work mid-way. Lastly the option for summary view gives an accurate summary of the client data from this year as well as the previous year.

Batch processing- This is a great way to cut down the manual labour related to data management. By carrying forward the data from the previous tax returns, you will be able to batch process the new tax return related entries. This saves a lot of time and effort of the user which otherwise can become very hectic. This also means, you will have more time to focus on other core activities related to the business and its development.


There are several perks associated with proconnect tax which make it a very popular choice among many business. It is user-friendly and smooth enough for beginners as well. The following are some important perks and benefits which are associated with this software and you can easily rely on these-

When there are so many different companies coming up with variety of competent software for the same purpose what makes turbo stand out? There are several reasons why many users are getting inclined towards this relatively new software and we have listed some of them below.

Accuracy- it can maintain a high level of accuracy owing to the number of data it collects for smooth functioning. Since it is dependent on the data that you are providing the accuracy level of the software is commendable. The tax return calculation and filing related data are always up to the mark. If you are looking for quick solution to tax management these are important factors to note.

Cost effective- The features and functions that you will get to enjoy by choosing the premium versions are very good and compared to the price you are paying, they are definitely commendable. The lower price also makes it accessible to more people who have a lesser budget or a smaller business.

Feature packed- The software have several features and functions which are accessible to all. Hence, you can perform all types of tax related calculations and work only with this one software. This is another major advantage as you can keep all your data in one place and do not have to switch between different software to enjoy the different features.

The proconnect tax is a very good software for small and medium business owners who are looking for an all-round solution to tax management. If you are one of them, then this is a great option for you. In rare occasions of technical glitches, they also have an excellent Proconnect Tax Customer Support Number system which is available round the clock and hence is another advantage a user can enjoy.