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As the number of small scale and large scale industries are rising, recruitments of more workers are also rising up with the passing years. After a month of hard work every employees expect a timely, clear and simple payroll process. QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software to handle all the nitty-gritty problems of accounting that arise while doing business.

It is one of the best accounting software developed by Intuit a well-known organization. As QuickBooks is a cheap and easy to use software, it gained major popularity all over the global market, The only drawback of QuickBooks payroll is that it does not include any tax form. We have to buy tax form separately and include it inside the payroll.



Payroll cost: QuickBooks basic payroll cost 29$ / month, 45$/month for quick book enhanced payroll and 2$ / month for employs. Intuit offers sufficient amount of discount on QuickBooks payroll.

Instant payment: Instant payment is done a day after the business or taking any service. Feature of credit card, debit card or any kind of bank transfer is available on QuickBooks.

Pay 1099 employs and w2 employs: These two forms of tax can be paid with the help of QuickBooks. The 1099 form is used to pay independent contractor, whereas the w2 employs are only used to pay employees.

Free direct deposit: QuickBooks ensures a direct quick and free deposit to the assigned account of the employee any day of the week.

Free tax forms: It offers free tax form to the employees in the subscription cost.

Automatic payroll setup: QuickBooks possess an automatic payroll setup in its feature. It is like a datasheet that tracks the payment number of leaves bonus and other detail of the employee

Automatic tax filing: Quick book transfers the tax filing amount automatically once the tax is deposited after showing the required expense document.

Other than this features no tax penalties, free year end forms, automatic payroll setup, and payroll support are some other services offered by quick book payroll software.


Keeps information of employee organised: Once the information of an employ is entered as per the given category it is always easier to access and update the information. As we know that how much paperwork is done during a new recruitment this a sound solution to the problem.

Assign each labours payroll, taxes and job tasks: Either we can enter the employee’s job or task in the paycheck directly or we can enter the employees’ information on the QuickBooks timeline beforehand and direct it to “create paycheck assignment cost” automatically.
Then we can print the details of the payroll or we can transfer the amount directly to the employs salary account. This method proves to be a big time saver for both the employer and employee.

Administers workers compensation insurance and companies benefits: It is the responsibility of a company to ensure their workers’ safety by giving them certain benefit of insurance once completing their probation period. But administering this huge process and monthly payment of insurance often becomes a hectic job. QuickBooks administers this work easily with the help of a simple wizard, to enter all the information required to keep up with timely payroll or where to withhold payment to the outside agencies.
The employee gets detailed information on the life, dental or health insurance, retirement, miscellaneous deduction etc.

Submitting and preparing pay roll taxes: Preparing the right amount and accurate report manually could be challenging and risky. QuickBooks can specifically solve this problem. It avoids the risk of incorrect calculation which leads to missed deadline and high penalties. Intuit offer three of payroll tax support from which we can easily choose any one as per our choice.

Payroll process quickly and accurately: QuickBooks helps in a smooth and easy payment transition to the employee. Keeping this software will also prove to be helpful in regular and without fail payment, it act as a reminder every time the time of payments with all the payment detail of each employee.


Like all other companies Intel also provide with a Quickbook Payroll Customer Support Number without any extra charges. The chosen technician and engineers’ works around the clock to ensure any minute to their customers.

Some of the ways to contact them are:

Payroll guide: It covers everything we need to know about payroll how to start it, running it, additional resource etc.

Phone: Calling payroll guide support number.

Payroll checklist: It helps to gather all the information required before setting up the payroll process.

Contact form: This form provides with a series of question asking about the type of problem we are facing using quick book payroll.

Now we can understand the importance of an accounting software. It make the life of a business man much easier and take down a large portion of burden ensuring an accurate and guaranteed service.