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If you are small to medium business owner in search of a payroll and accounts solution that is free of cost, turbo by intuit is the latest available option in the market. Accounting for beginners have become much easier with the help of Turbo which is designed keeping in mind the basic accounting functions that every business must keep up with. The best part is it is available for all as it is free. Made by a company as reputable as intuit, make it a trusted choice of many people across the globe. For millions of business owners, the nitty-gritties of accounting is rather difficult to handle and as the business grows it becomes more complex. Having a software that can handle all such functions effortlessly is hence much coveted by the entrepreneurs today.



True financial profile- the software is designed to reflect the key main numbers that are elemental in determining the financial health of your organization. These are the verified IRS filed income, the credit score, and the debt to income ratio. Altogether these three elements determine whether your company is prospering or going downhill. Along with the numbers, the software also help the user to recognise the reasons behind the figures so that they can take better business decisions. It also show comparison with competitors who are in the same business so that you can figure out new strategies for the business.

Customized advice and insights- the software will judge the type of business you are running, its key figures, aims and structure. Based on the findings, it can provide you customized advises on how to manage your finance better and get more tax returns. It can also give sound advises on the best possible ways of improving your debt to income ratio and the credit score- both of which are very crucial determinants in your business’s prosperity. Moreover, if you need more loans, the software can give you advice of the best schemes suitable in your condition and what you can do to get better policies.

Benchmarking- you have the scope to benchmark your business against similar companies so that you are able to determine which is the best course for your business. You will know where you truly stand financially when you are able to tally the performance of your business with your competitors. This is done through the verified IRS and the credit data to give you accurate ideas. Many companies profit through this method as they are able to get a real-time idea about the performance of their company as well as the segment where they need to improve. These data also influence major business decisions that any company can take.

Credit monitoring- The software have features for twenty four hours of credit monitoring and alerting the owner regarding any new and suspicious activity in their credit report. This way the user is protected against scam and fraud all the time and they are able to take a quick action to prevent the maximum damage. Credit monitoring features are active round the clock is a major advantage as you get real time alerts regarding any changes in the activities.


When there are so many different companies coming up with variety of competent software for the same purpose what makes turbo stand out? There are several reasons why many users are getting inclined towards this relatively new software and we have listed some of them below.

Free of cost- this is the primary reason behind the instant popularity experienced by this software. The small start-ups and medium scale business owners who need to maximise their profit but definitely without compromising on the accuracy of the data, choose Turbo.

Accuracy- The interpretations and advises are so accurate that they are nearly fail-proof. Designed after taking into accounts the feedbacks from millions of users of the predecessors, Intuit made sure that the software has no issue with errors and the feedbacks are always properly customized.

Customer service- You can avail round the clock customer care and hence manage any technical difficulty on the go. There are different issues that the client may face but with the help of the professionals and the hierarchical help desk, you can rest assured all of them will be solved in no time.

Availability- The software is very easily available for installation on all types of devices. You can simply visit the turbo website and download the most compatible version for the device. Make sure you are going through the operation system specifications and hardware requirement before downloading.

Turbo is slowly and steadily becoming a very popular choice among small and medium scale business owners. If you are looking for a software from a reputable company which has excellent Turbo Customer service Number backup, the turbo software can fulfill all your criteria efficiently.